The Healthy Step

Group Coaching

Pen and Posture is about putting pen to paper to read your thoughts.   Share with the group, or enjoy reading your wisdom alone. 

“I write because I don’t know what I am thinking until I read what I say”  – Flannery O’Connor.

I like to help people understand everything starts with a thought, then travels from your head, through the heart to your body.      When your thoughts get to the body, they control how you behave.   

This programme helps you see how you can change your actions by changing your thoughts. 

Journaling is great for the soul and also for your posture.

When you understand that your thoughts control your behaviour,  you can start to see how your thoughts control how you stand, how you enter a room, how you sit at the table etc.     A stressed person enters a room very differently to a calm person, a confident person speaks very differently to a shy person.

Journaling allows you to write about people, a situation, your day, your work or whatever is on your mind.     You begin with what your conscious mind is busy thinking about, as you continue, the writing flows differently.   This is where we find answers, hidden under a layer of noise that journaling manages to quieten.

Armed now with a deeper understanding of thoughts, we find solutions that will help our stresses and our worries,   As we start to see things differently, our behaviour alters, resulting in how we carry ourselves and how we communicate with others.

This is fun and easy way to step into coaching, the group environment is a great place to learn by listening to others and share if you would like.

Coaching is all about our relationship, client and coach.

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Group coaching is the best way to see things from many different perspectives.    In many ways it opens up more learning, as you have more space to listen and the opportunity share when you are ready. 



The Healthy Step

This introductory package will help you decide where to channel your energy today.

Run skip, walk, or jump

Make sure you are moving in a direction that makes you feel strong, confident and healthy in any area of your life.

3 Sessions

90 mins each

6 weeks


Signature Programme

The Healthy Step

Implement easy and healthy changes, both physically and emotionally to help you in all areas of your life.

This deeply rewarding programme will be fun and challenging with visible results.

Live your best life with this simple and effective system.

12 Sessions

90 mins each

4 Months



Investing precious time and energy in your own

Personal Health Development

is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

One on one Personal Coaching is essentially Fitness, Nutritional and Mindset Coaching all in one place for your mind and body.

Online & In-Person