The Healthy Step

Habits Change

12 weeks to adapt my programme to your lifestyle.

The 5 Stars guide you with small
week by week.

We see what works for you and adapt what doesn’t,
until you are implementing healthy changes naturally, happily and more importantly intuitively.

The beauty of this programme is that
the content does not change,


About the Challenge

Today we are bombarded with so much information both true and false. We may be following different people on social media, watching Ted Talks, or reading another new diet book. We are simply overloaded with conflicting information which leads to overwhelm and confusion, and hinders our results. 

Within the structure of the programme we work together to challenge your narrative around health, so we can move beyond the confusion and focus on taking actionable steps today. 

Using the story around the ‘5 STARS’ as our guide, we keep adapting the programme over 12 weeks, until you find a solution that is designed to work for you and your lifestyle, factoring in your family, work, culture, and any other thing that may be standing in the way of change.

The beauty of this programme is that the content does not change…


A Challenge evokes a feeling of something that is going to push you, of course there will be times which require more discipline than others, however, this programme is carefully designed to help you pace yourself, stay on track today and step patiently into a healthier future.   

Truly understanding our feelings around food and fitness is the key. Magic happens when you blend these three things together, and add a clearer understanding of what specifically you need today, both physically and emotionally. 

Along with with a cleaner, leaner body, clearer mind, you will have a system for the house, kitchen, office or wherever you need a system.  This is what will give you more time and energy to work all parts of your life.

12 weeks will arm you with congruent answers for everyone from your friends and family, to your inner voice.  Let’s face it, in order to make great choices, confidently when challenged, we need to be clear why those changes are so important to make.

Coaching is all about our relationship, client and coach.

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If you would like a different outlook on food, clarity on what you need to do to keep fit and help to connect it all together with sensible and strong reasons why you are doing it.

This is definitely the challenge for you.



The Healthy Step

This introductory package will help you decide where to channel your energy today.

Run skip, walk, or jump

Make sure you are moving in a direction that makes you feel strong, confident and healthy in any area of your life.

3 Sessions

90 mins each

6 weeks



Investing precious time and energy in your own

Personal Health Development

is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

One on one Personal Coaching is essentially Fitness, Nutritional and Mindset Coaching all in one place for your mind and body.

Online & In-Person




The Healthy Step

Find the magic in journaling in a group environment and watch how your body adjusts as your mind changes its perspective.

These classes are great for confidence and clarity, inspiration and guidance in any area of life.

Join a group, or simply make your own group.

Online & In-Person

Group Coaching