The Healthy Step

Life Coaching

   This is the place to learn as much as possible about how to look after your emotional and physical health.    

We have one body that works tirelessly and unconditionally every second of every day.  Learn when to help and when to trust our amazing mind and body, by integrating a Healthy Mindset, Conscious Eating and Functional Fitness.

This all sounds very deep, but actually it is fun, cleansing and simple to do when you know how.

Happy Health, Happy Future

After you have worked on your own PhD, you will be grateful that you invested precious time, energy and money into your own Personal Health Development.   

Personal Coaching is like a trusted person who gives you space and direction to find your own happy place.  We have one body that works tirelessly and unconditionally every second of every day.  Coaching, brings consciousness back to how and when to help and when to trust our amazing mind and body.

My PhD includes the content from all the programmes I run, but there is more focus on you enjoying the extra time to think about how all of this information will impact you, your family and your work in the future.

I have been studying Behaviour now for over 5 years and I continue to be challenged in life, problems don’t go away, people don’t go away, situations don’t go away.  I now know however,  that if I want to look after myself today and in my future, I have to use the skills I have learnt and align these with what I have learnt about myself.   

I continue to remind myself that I have one major responsibility in life, and that is my own Personal Health Development, not only for me and how I live my life, but how I live it with my family, friends and how I leave it in the future. 

Coaching is all about our relationship, client and coach.

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The simple truth is that we have one body, one chance and one life time to do the best we can.

Your Health is Your Responsibility, make sure you make it a Your Priority



The Healthy Step

This introductory package will help you decide where to channel your energy today.

Run skip, walk, or jump

Make sure you are moving in a direction that makes you feel strong, confident and healthy in any area of your life.

3 Sessions

90 mins each

6 weeks


Signature Programme

The Healthy Step

Implement easy and healthy changes, both physically and emotionally to help you in all areas of your life.

This deeply rewarding programme will be fun and challenging with visible results.

Live your best life with this simple and effective system.

12 Sessions

90 mins each

4 Months



The Healthy Step

Find the magic in journaling in a group environment and watch how your body adjusts as your mind changes its perspective.

These classes are great for confidence and clarity, inspiration and guidance in any area of life.

Join a group, or simply make your own group.

Online & In-Person

Group Coaching